Lady Gaga heartbroken

Lady Gaga stated that she was heartbroken when she first started to get famous and then came to the realization that some of her friends were simply interested in using her because of her famous statute.

The pop star was forced to cancel a large amount of shows last year because she needed hip surgery and wrote in a post during this time on her website that she realized that some of her friends were only interested in her when she was center stage.

The post stated that she was heartbroken because many of the people that she loved and worked closely with throughout her time as a pop star lied to her, used her, and worked her too hard because they were interested in their own personal gain...

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New music streaming from Dr Dre set to launch in January

Dr Dre is set to launch a new music streaming service named “Beats Music” in January. The service will be competing with Spotify and will feature curated recommendations and high quality streams. Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails band leader, will be Beats Music’s chief creative officer for the product launched by the rapper who has invested heavily in headphones. Dre’s previous product Beats By Dre headphones were very successful and the rapper expects that things will not be so different with the next product.

The first announcement about the streaming service was by Dre himself when he said that it would go by the name Daisy, which would be a copycat of the MOG streaming service. However, he will launch it in 2014 with under the brand name of Beats Music...

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Mobile users now able to access Spotify AB

It is good news for Spotify AB fans because mobile users will now be able to freely access the ad-supported version for streaming music. This follows the original requirement that mobile users had to pay a monthly fee to access the content. The music company, which is based on Sweden has made licensing deals with three major music companies where it would use their music recordings in this new product. There has always been a free version for laptops and desktop computers long before the launch of the new service.

Presently, Spotify has 6 million premium users and 20 million people worldwide access its services. Talks for licensing have taken almost a year with Sony Music Entertainment, Access Industries; Warner Music Group and Vivendi S’s Universal Music Group...

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Robbie Williams shunned by BBC radio 4

Robbie Williams, the man who is in and out of Take That like a hokey cokey addict has now fallen out of favour with BBC Radio 4 listeners. Robster, who was famously shunned by Radio 1 breakfast show DJ Nick Grimshaw after he declared him irrelevant. Now it seems as if Radio 4 listeners don’t want him either. Robbie was featured on a new Radio 4 series called Mastertapes in which he discussed his new solo album.

Now actually talking about music on a radio station, shock horror, has greatly disgruntled the Radio 4 crowd. They were very vocal in their criticism on the Feedback programme. One went as far as to say that Radio 4 was meant to be a chatty, speaking, questioning, talking kind of station, so why on earth was there a programme about popular music?...

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James Arthur finally sees sense and leaves Twitter

He has the world at his feet by becoming the X Factor champion and carving out a very nice career for himself. But not has not been well in the James Arthur camp, and he is becoming better known for his tweets than his music. He has issued an apology and announced that he will no longer be personally tweeting and his management company will be doing it from now on.

James’ tweets have become infamous and led to quite a few feuds with his peers, including members of One Direction. Now it seems his latest antics have way over stepped the mark and have seen him lambasted from all sides. The row is all over a rap song which was his response to a diss track written about him by rapper Micky Worthless...

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The latest British boyband are…..McBusted

Two of the biggest British boybands have teamed up for a tour in 2014. McFly and Busted, minus lead man Charlie Simpson, are taking to the road under the imaginative title of McBusted. These are boybands that are generally considered to have integrity and, shock, talent, and the news they are teaming up has caused much excitement amongst the many female fans of the 6 men, as we have to call them now.

There are those, however, who are bemoaning the fact that the full force of the collaboration won’t quite be there. The founding member and lead singer Charlie Simpson has apparently refuse the offer, choosing instead to focus on the solo career which caused the band to split in 2005...

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Unsigned rap duo fund trip to North Korea through crowdfunding

Unsigned rappers Peso and Pacman have raised more than $10,000 through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site to fund a stunt which they hope will finally land them that much wanted record deal. Pacman and Peso haven’t travelled much further that the poor Washington DC which they call home. Now, however, following their successful fundraising campaign online, the hip hop duo are to embark on a journey to shoot the video they home will give their career the boost they desperately want. The destination is rather unlikely though; North Korea.

After the pair raised $10,400 through their campaign on Kickstarter, they will fly first to China then onto Pyongyang. Here, they plan on filming songs including “God Bless Amerika” aboard a party bus...

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The sexism in music row rumbles on

Miley Cyrus’ antics have certainly brought up sexism within the music business aided even more by the mini feud and open letter that Sinead O’Connor posted to her. O’Connor warned Miley that the music industry does not care about her and instead will take complete advantage of her. Miley responded with a few harsh words on Twitter and then showed up in her next video virtually naked swinging from a wrecking bar. In that epic battle it was hard to tell who really won.

Charlotte Church, a former child star, weighed in on the issue later stating that the music business is still dominated by males and is very juvenile when it comes to gender. Church continued to knock the business for accepting this mentality and continuing to demean women as part of the pop culture of the music world...

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Record store for sale on eBay

Have an eBay account and a spare £300,000 lying around? Then you could log onto the famous auction site and bag yourself a record store. The owner has said he has taking this unorthodox route as he wants to hand over his business to someone who is as passionate about music as he is. On the Beat Records is a store in Central London which specialises in classic vinyl records for collectors.

The shop first opened 34 years ago and is situated on Hanway Street beside Tottenham Court Road. It is listed on eBay at a price of £300,000 in the hope it will be snapped up by a music lover or collector who wants to take their passion to the next level. Tim Derbyshire opened the store in 1979 and has a vast stock of records in every genre except classical...

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The many careers open to those who study music at uni

Some university study choices lead to pretty obvious career paths. For instance, if you study medicine it is pretty likely that you will end up a doctor, but music students have a very different path in front of them. It is hard to see ahead of time what a music student will end up doing, but in many cases the end result can actually be very fulfilling. The idea that options are few and jobs are slim for music majors needs to change a lot.

Most people think that music students are confined to just a few jobs within the world of music when in reality there are actually many different jobs in many different industries that are open to those that graduate with a music degree...

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