Justin Bieber’s retirement is dismissed as a joke by his team

Rumours have been rife recently regarding the imminent retirement of teen idol Justin Bieber, and it seems that that’s all they have been. There were many who thought Christmas had come early when the news filtered through in mid December but alas it was not to be. It turns out that young Justin took us all for December fools as it was the teeny bopper himself who made announcement during an interview on a US radio show.

Kurt Alexander, a host at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles was told by Bieber that he was actually retiring and was taking time out before saying that he was probably going to quit music as he was also quitting everything else. Twitter instantly exploded as the ‘Baby’ singer’s bereft fanbase, known as Beliebers, posted their frantic messages of worry, shock and widespread teenage heartbreak.

His manager Scoot Braun has now stepped into the fray to quell the rumours saying that the singer was joking and now that the full interview has been finally released Bieber himself reveals that he is just messing around. There had been speculation, and hope amongst his fans, that the comment had been a joke as no official comment or statement appeared on Twitter or his website following the interview.

Braun spoke at the première of the singers first film Believe, and said that Bieber had been joking with his retirement comment as he was actually taking time off in 2014 to relax and create some music. Braun added that this was the first time Bieber had taken a proper break since he was 12 and it was long overdue.

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