The Feeling reveals its watch list for 2014

The Feeling, which describes itself as “the UK’s most rock’n’roll club night’ has now released a list of what it believes are the top new British bands, and by an amazing coincidence they are all playing at The Feelings London gig on the weekend of 18th January. In response to the new list from the BBC’s Sound Of, which contains only a smattering of guitars, This Feeling urge us to keep an eye on these bands and well as taking a trip to the Queen of Hoxton to check them out a week on Saturday.

The Bohicas are the latest signing to Domino Records and have supported label mates Franz Ferdinand at the Ibiza Rocks event as well as starring on the recent NME Radar tour. The blurb says to expect an edgy, post-rock sound that is cool as ice with Beatles-style instantly memorable melodies combined with great guitar hooks.

The Dexters hail from East London and sound like the love child of The Jam, The Clash and The La’s, creating big tunes played with an infectious energy. Currently gigging their socks off thanks to their XFM backing, the band have done 300 shows in 2 years.

The Struts have a Queen-esque classic glam old skool attitude with a touch of the Manics thrown in for good measure. Signed to a major label, they boast a lead singer in Luke Spiller who has had several favourable comparison to the late great Sir Frederick Mercury.

Storms purvey an indie guitar excellence combined with the kind of alternative anthems that will have Britpop fans chomping at the bit. Hailing from London, their début EP is due for release any time soon so keep an eye out.

Listeners of XFM will probably have heard Trampolene, the 3 piece combo from Swansea. Snarling rock n roll attitudes with a raw power makes you think Muse and the Manics, and if confidence brings fame this lot will go global.

Tapestry are a quartet from Manchester who attract huge crowds when gigging at home and two of their biggest fans are The Courteeners, who they toured with, and John Robb. Debut single due out this year.

Pusher have had great reviews from NME and been on tour with EXIT CALM. Guitars and moody vocals are their trademark and good things are being said about this band.





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