Ellie Goulding read the riot act

Shoreditch House read Ellie Goulding the riot act after her pals took a series of photos at her birthday bash last Monday even though the club has a very strict no-photo policy. Most people hate waking up to find themselves in tagged photos after a drunken night out on the town, but most people do not hang out at a celeb nightclub like Shoreditch were the no photo policy is taken quite seriously.

Ellie Goulding apparently was not aware of the policy as she was told off because some of her party were using their cameras. Ellie’s birthday consisted of dinner and a nightclub so when the birthday cake appeared her friends likely thought nothing of snapping a few photos, but the east London club was quick to react.

Their no-photo policy was put in place to protect the celebs that frequently visit it and it seems that they stick to their policy even if it’s a celeb that is trying to break it. Next time Ellie will just have to take a selfie in the bathroom like every other pop star.

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