Daddy Plan B

Turns out Plan B is quite good at keeping a secret as he has been a father for the past year without anyone knowing. The rapper finally admitted that his girlfriend gave birth to his first child, a baby girl at the start of last year. The star from She Said spoke out saying that he is very proud that he is a father and that his mother and daughter are a great fit for his life. He added that their first Christmas together was quite special and he is a very happy father.

Plan B stated that the pregnancy was not planned, but despite this fact he was very open to all of the responsibilities that come with being a father. A source close to the couple stated that it was a surprise but Ben was proud and excited about the idea of becoming a father. The source stated that the couple had already been dating for years prior to the pregnancy and the child has helped to deepen their relationship even more.

The insider also stated that even though Plan B has an image as a bad boy he is a great dad and is fine just staying in with the baby on the weekends. Of course, even though Plan B may be a father he has not lost his edge as he is planning a new LP that is meant to be ‘no holds barred.’

According to the same insider he has been playing tracks for his daughter but since his lyrics are so gritty he just plays her the music without the lyrics looped in yet. 2014 should be a great year for him between his kid and the new release of his LP that he is rumored to be very excited about.

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