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John Hanneman dies from liver failure

The guitarist, and co-founder of Slayer, John Hanneman, has passed on due to liver failure. He had been going through several ailments, including necrotising fasciitis, caused by a spider bite, and he passed on at the age of 49.

According to a statement posted on the band’s website, Jeff Hanneman died at 11am, at a hospital, near his South California home, where he was admitted after suffering the liver failure. He will be dearly missed and is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy, and brothers, Michael and Larry.

The band, noted for its “Big Four” songs, along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth, was co-founded by Hanneman and Kerry King way back in 1981...

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Wiley breaks habits of a lifetime at the Forum

Wiley has been known to show considerable disrespect for the requirements of scheduling; more than once in the past he has simply failed to show up for his own show, presumably disappointing his fans not to mention his backers. However at the Forum this past weekend he showed up not only on time but with a skinful of energy and a handful of special effects.

The ‘Godfather of Grime’ (only one of his many aliases and maybe not even still in vogue) was packing a lot of punch as he hurtled onto the stage, and seldom slowed down through the entire high-intensity low-down grunge performance. According to the Independent’s Chris Mugan, the grime rapper’s act is aimed at a mainstream audience but he always keeps an eye on the underground – that’s where his ‘roots’ are anyway.

Though on stage for...

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Indie scene see’s some great new releases

This month sees three exciting releases from some soulful music men that cover the genres of ambient electronica, acoustic blues and jazzy pop. The first is the debut single by Shyboy; Bird in Flight. This is a stunning debut by anyone’s standards, and the song quietly builds into a gently swinging soundscape of electro-dreampop. This is certainly an appetite whetter for the album  Water on Mars.

Shyboy has spent the last decade fronting Hypnogaja, the brooding rock ensemble whose last album was all about the world coming to an end. In stark contrast ‘Bird in Flight’ is true to its name as it soars with a lightness and hope you would never have heard from Hypnogaja, and Shyboy himself describes it as a metaphor for him going solo.

The new album from John Cody is titled ‘Painful Righteous ...

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Meatloaf in England

Meat Loaf the American rock star is in England to perform at his first concert in the country for several years, and was set to go on stage but just a couple of hours before his big entrance, the 65 year old celebrity pulled out and canceled the whole event due to health issues.

This is not the first time that Loaf had health problems come between him and his fans, he canceled a series of shows last year when those same health issues became worse than before. He is well know for his 1977 single Bat Out Of Hell, and best selling album, and was set to go on tour throughout Europe. Now, a lot of these tour dates may be in jeopardy.

A spokesman would not comment on the actual cause of the illness, or how severe it is, but said that Loaf should be back on stage in Manchester next week...

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Ozzy Osbourne crashes again

Once again, word is out that Ozzy Osbourne has been using both drugs and alcohol in a report which appeared in The Sun. The rumor was addressed by the celebrity, who has also been in a bit of trouble with his marriage, he and Sharon Osbourne are now living in separate houses following a domestic issue that the two had in recent months. Their son, Jack Osbourne, even posted on Twitter addressing the rumors saying that these were not true.

Meanwhile, Ozzy is now talking to the press saying how the family has been through troubled times, and that he personally was in a fairly dark place in recent weeks. The Black Sabbath Star is said to have been taking alcohol and drugs for at least half a year, but he keeps claiming that as of now, he is sober...

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Psy releases Gangnam Style follow-up for astonishing Youtube numbers

Psy has become world renowned thanks to his first hit, Gangnam Style, breaking all records on YouTube with billions of people viewing his video. He is one of few South Koreans who managed to get big on the world stage, and he certainly proved that a single YouTube hit can become more successful than any traditional music. But he is apparently not one to rest on his success, coming up with his second big single, Gentleman.

The video already has millions of hits, and while it may not get near to the immense success of the first one, his name alone ensured that many would flock to see what it was. Over 90 million have seen it already in just a few days, with 20 million in the first 24 hours. While that is far from the 1...

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