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Justin Bieber’s retirement is dismissed as a joke by his team

Rumours have been rife recently regarding the imminent retirement of teen idol Justin Bieber, and it seems that that’s all they have been. There were many who thought Christmas had come early when the news filtered through in mid December but alas it was not to be. It turns out that young Justin took us all for December fools as it was the teeny bopper himself who made announcement during an interview on a US radio show.

Kurt Alexander, a host at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles was told by Bieber that he was actually retiring and was taking time out before saying that he was probably going to quit music as he was also quitting everything else...

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Daddy Plan B

Turns out Plan B is quite good at keeping a secret as he has been a father for the past year without anyone knowing. The rapper finally admitted that his girlfriend gave birth to his first child, a baby girl at the start of last year. The star from She Said spoke out saying that he is very proud that he is a father and that his mother and daughter are a great fit for his life. He added that their first Christmas together was quite special and he is a very happy father.

Plan B stated that the pregnancy was not planned, but despite this fact he was very open to all of the responsibilities that come with being a father. A source close to the couple stated that it was a surprise but Ben was proud and excited about the idea of becoming a father...

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Ellie Goulding read the riot act

Shoreditch House read Ellie Goulding the riot act after her pals took a series of photos at her birthday bash last Monday even though the club has a very strict no-photo policy. Most people hate waking up to find themselves in tagged photos after a drunken night out on the town, but most people do not hang out at a celeb nightclub like Shoreditch were the no photo policy is taken quite seriously.

Ellie Goulding apparently was not aware of the policy as she was told off because some of her party were using their cameras. Ellie’s birthday consisted of dinner and a nightclub so when the birthday cake appeared her friends likely thought nothing of snapping a few photos, but the east London club was quick to react.

Their no-photo policy was put in place to protect the celebs that frequently v...

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Robbie Williams shunned by BBC radio 4

Robbie Williams, the man who is in and out of Take That like a hokey cokey addict has now fallen out of favour with BBC Radio 4 listeners. Robster, who was famously shunned by Radio 1 breakfast show DJ Nick Grimshaw after he declared him irrelevant. Now it seems as if Radio 4 listeners don’t want him either. Robbie was featured on a new Radio 4 series called Mastertapes in which he discussed his new solo album.

Now actually talking about music on a radio station, shock horror, has greatly disgruntled the Radio 4 crowd. They were very vocal in their criticism on the Feedback programme. One went as far as to say that Radio 4 was meant to be a chatty, speaking, questioning, talking kind of station, so why on earth was there a programme about popular music?...

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The sexism in music row rumbles on

Miley Cyrus’ antics have certainly brought up sexism within the music business aided even more by the mini feud and open letter that Sinead O’Connor posted to her. O’Connor warned Miley that the music industry does not care about her and instead will take complete advantage of her. Miley responded with a few harsh words on Twitter and then showed up in her next video virtually naked swinging from a wrecking bar. In that epic battle it was hard to tell who really won.

Charlotte Church, a former child star, weighed in on the issue later stating that the music business is still dominated by males and is very juvenile when it comes to gender. Church continued to knock the business for accepting this mentality and continuing to demean women as part of the pop culture of the music world...

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The Who set to stop touring in 2015

Rock legends The Who have announced they will stop touring in 2015, to tie in with their 50th anniversary. Pete Townshend, the band’s guitarist, revealed the news when he spoke to the Evening Standard during a screening for their ‘Sensation’ documentary. He revealed that the band would do one last tour before they called it a day, and that they intended visiting parts of the world they have rarely, or never, played in before.

Townshend said that it was their intent to tour the world for their 50th anniversary, and it would be their last big one. He added that there was still loads of places where The Who hadn’t played and it would be good to travel to eastern Europe and other places who have never heard them live to play all their old hits.

This announcement follows much speculation that t...

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X Factor winner claims Christmas number one spot

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the Christmas number one is the X Factor winner Sam Bailey with her rendition of Skyscraper. It has to be said that since X Factor arrived on the scene 10 years ago some of the prestige of being number one in the charts has lost some of its shine as it is considered a done deal that whoever wins the contest will take the top spot. A notable exception was in 2009, when a Facebook campaign was set up to have an alternative number one and saw Rage Against the Machine win the battle against the then winner Joe Mc Elderry.

Anyway back to 36 year old Sam, the ex prison officer who wowed the crowds and the judges right through the competition and gave Sharon Osbourne her first ever winner...

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