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Beatles classics butchered in the US

It was George Bernard Shaw who first asserted that America and Britain were 2 countries “separated by a common language” and it seems he has been proved correct judging by the new boxed set of The US Albums by The Beatles. Released to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the first visit the fab four made to America, these albums are now available for the first time in the UK, and are quite an eye-opener as to the massive differences in which each country regarded these music phenomenons.

Back in the 60’s America was pretty slow on the uptake as far the Beatles were concerned and the stateside partner of their EMI record label, Capitol, passed up the opportunity to release the early singles which then appeared on the independent Vee-Jay label...

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Ellie Goulding read the riot act

Shoreditch House read Ellie Goulding the riot act after her pals took a series of photos at her birthday bash last Monday even though the club has a very strict no-photo policy. Most people hate waking up to find themselves in tagged photos after a drunken night out on the town, but most people do not hang out at a celeb nightclub like Shoreditch were the no photo policy is taken quite seriously.

Ellie Goulding apparently was not aware of the policy as she was told off because some of her party were using their cameras. Ellie’s birthday consisted of dinner and a nightclub so when the birthday cake appeared her friends likely thought nothing of snapping a few photos, but the east London club was quick to react.

Their no-photo policy was put in place to protect the celebs that frequently v...

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Lady Gaga heartbroken

Lady Gaga stated that she was heartbroken when she first started to get famous and then came to the realization that some of her friends were simply interested in using her because of her famous statute.

The pop star was forced to cancel a large amount of shows last year because she needed hip surgery and wrote in a post during this time on her website that she realized that some of her friends were only interested in her when she was center stage.

The post stated that she was heartbroken because many of the people that she loved and worked closely with throughout her time as a pop star lied to her, used her, and worked her too hard because they were interested in their own personal gain...

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New music streaming from Dr Dre set to launch in January

Dr Dre is set to launch a new music streaming service named “Beats Music” in January. The service will be competing with Spotify and will feature curated recommendations and high quality streams. Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails band leader, will be Beats Music’s chief creative officer for the product launched by the rapper who has invested heavily in headphones. Dre’s previous product Beats By Dre headphones were very successful and the rapper expects that things will not be so different with the next product.

The first announcement about the streaming service was by Dre himself when he said that it would go by the name Daisy, which would be a copycat of the MOG streaming service. However, he will launch it in 2014 with under the brand name of Beats Music...

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Mobile users now able to access Spotify AB

It is good news for Spotify AB fans because mobile users will now be able to freely access the ad-supported version for streaming music. This follows the original requirement that mobile users had to pay a monthly fee to access the content. The music company, which is based on Sweden has made licensing deals with three major music companies where it would use their music recordings in this new product. There has always been a free version for laptops and desktop computers long before the launch of the new service.

Presently, Spotify has 6 million premium users and 20 million people worldwide access its services. Talks for licensing have taken almost a year with Sony Music Entertainment, Access Industries; Warner Music Group and Vivendi S’s Universal Music Group...

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James Arthur finally sees sense and leaves Twitter

He has the world at his feet by becoming the X Factor champion and carving out a very nice career for himself. But not has not been well in the James Arthur camp, and he is becoming better known for his tweets than his music. He has issued an apology and announced that he will no longer be personally tweeting and his management company will be doing it from now on.

James’ tweets have become infamous and led to quite a few feuds with his peers, including members of One Direction. Now it seems his latest antics have way over stepped the mark and have seen him lambasted from all sides. The row is all over a rap song which was his response to a diss track written about him by rapper Micky Worthless...

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The latest British boyband are…..McBusted

Two of the biggest British boybands have teamed up for a tour in 2014. McFly and Busted, minus lead man Charlie Simpson, are taking to the road under the imaginative title of McBusted. These are boybands that are generally considered to have integrity and, shock, talent, and the news they are teaming up has caused much excitement amongst the many female fans of the 6 men, as we have to call them now.

There are those, however, who are bemoaning the fact that the full force of the collaboration won’t quite be there. The founding member and lead singer Charlie Simpson has apparently refuse the offer, choosing instead to focus on the solo career which caused the band to split in 2005...

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The sexism in music row rumbles on

Miley Cyrus’ antics have certainly brought up sexism within the music business aided even more by the mini feud and open letter that Sinead O’Connor posted to her. O’Connor warned Miley that the music industry does not care about her and instead will take complete advantage of her. Miley responded with a few harsh words on Twitter and then showed up in her next video virtually naked swinging from a wrecking bar. In that epic battle it was hard to tell who really won.

Charlotte Church, a former child star, weighed in on the issue later stating that the music business is still dominated by males and is very juvenile when it comes to gender. Church continued to knock the business for accepting this mentality and continuing to demean women as part of the pop culture of the music world...

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Ben Whishaw to play Freddie Mercury?

The upcoming biopic of Queen was recently thrown into jeopardy after it was revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen, who was due to play Freddie Mercury, had left the project. Now, at the same time as Brian May has expanded on the reasons for Cohen’s departure, drummer Roger Taylor has revealed who the band want to play Mercury.

In an interview with the One Show on BBC1, Taylor said that the actor they wanted to come onboard had the initials BW. When asked if this was Ben Whishaw Taylor laughed and replied ‘hopefully’. In a separate interview with Classic Rock Magazine, guitarist May spoke for the first time about Cohen leaving. He said that the band thought Cohen’s presence in the film would be too distracting.

He added that what has led them to this conclusion was that the last three performance...

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The real cost of listening to music in public places

Have you ever wondered how much money does it cost for public places to play music in their headquarters, subsidiaries, and affiliated buildings? If we also take into consideration the police and the local councils, the sum raises up to ₤100,000 in the past five years, money which you also contributed to.

The discoveries have been brought to prominence by the newspaper the Telegraph, under a Freedom of Information request, claiming that ever since 2008, the people of the UK have paid quite substantial amounts of money for the public buildings to be able to play music in their rest rooms, canteens, gyms, and in the case of the police, their custody blocks.

The Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) is in charge of selling music licenses to the police forces and can charge as little as 19p for...

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