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Band open their own record store

When Frankie and the Heartstrings, a British indie band from the north east, released there anticipated second album last summer they were alarmed at how few record shops there were to sell it in, so decided to open their own. Frankie Francis, the lead singer, said that when they were nearing the completion of the album the big news story was that of HMV going bust, and they also knew of a few local stores which had suffered the same fate.

Frankie went onto say that they were worried that they had their all important second album due for release but that there may not have been anywhere on the High Street to actually sell it. It was this that led them to make the decision to open their own store...

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Record store for sale on eBay

Have an eBay account and a spare £300,000 lying around? Then you could log onto the famous auction site and bag yourself a record store. The owner has said he has taking this unorthodox route as he wants to hand over his business to someone who is as passionate about music as he is. On the Beat Records is a store in Central London which specialises in classic vinyl records for collectors.

The shop first opened 34 years ago and is situated on Hanway Street beside Tottenham Court Road. It is listed on eBay at a price of £300,000 in the hope it will be snapped up by a music lover or collector who wants to take their passion to the next level. Tim Derbyshire opened the store in 1979 and has a vast stock of records in every genre except classical...

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