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Go Compare song raises over £10m for the writers

The song featured in the Go Compare adverts, and sung by an opera singer, raised more than £10m for all who were involved in its creation, making it very annoying for the sponsors to kill him off.

According to the Performing Rights Society, “Over There” as the song was titled, written by George Cohan, and was prominent on UK TV and radio adverts last year. The Village People YMCA was thereafter featured by Go Compares rival, This was followed by Lloyd’s TSB adverts which featured the song “Eliza’s Aria, written by Kats-Chernin.

Similarly, Speech Debelle’s Spinnin, was one of the top 10 list of songs used for advertising. Others were Blur’s “The Universal” for British Gas and Take That’s “Shine” for Morrison’s Supermarkets...

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