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Liverpool Festival declared most successful music event in Europe

The Liverpool International Music festival was so successful this year that it has prompted the organizers to declare it the most successful musical event in Europe in the last 5 years. Many thousands of music lovers enjoyed quality music inside Pier Head and Sefton Park with weather remaining good all through the weekend. Claire McColgan, Director of Culture at Liverpool, was ecstatic while describing the event saying it was even grander than she could ever imagine. She added that it was a result of hectic planning of just 5 months after Matthew Street Festival was discarded in favor of this venue though it takes no less than a year to plan and execute an event of this size.

McColgan added that the event was a major success as thousands of music lovers sat inside the Sefton Park on Friday...

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10 of the best summer music festivals across the globe part 2

Here, as promised, is the second half of our list of top 10 summer music festivals in the world. Having the complete list at your disposal will make planning your summer 2014 festival calendar so much easier. So let’s go….

Summerfest, Wisconsin

This festival has been running for 45 years, and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest music festival in the world. The event takes place along the shore of a 75 acre lake and runs for 11 days every June/July. Among the acts that perform on the 11 stages include The Eagles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Avett Brothers, and there is plenty of other stuff do to at this family friendly festivals with activities such as paddle boating for the little ones.

Roskilde, Copenhagen

You get a lot of festival for your money at Roskilde, as...

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10 of the best summer music festivals across the globe

There is nothing to make you feel quite as summery as a music festival. With a tent, a pair of flip flops and a bottle of sun tan lotion you are ready to rock the summer listening to some great music is outstanding places. There are simply too many music festivals happening around the world to name them all so the list has been cut down to the top 10, and here are the first 5.

Bonnaroo, Tennessee

Held in June, ‘the Roo’ is one of the biggest summer music festivals in the US, and is deliberately over the top. It is also very diverse, with this years acts including Bjork, Mumford & Sons and Paul McCartney...

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Newquay music festival hailed as a disaster by those who attended

A 4-day Music Festival that was staged in Newquay has been vilified as just a “glorified pub crawl”. Certain partygoers claimed they had to miss acts that they really wanted to see due to the timings in disarray at Beach Break Live (BBL). But there were other partygoers who applauded the Festival, where organisers said that they had to close down the main stage due to high wind.

The Festival, organisers stated these problems were only “growing pains” and were looking at “where improvements can be made”. BBL, held first near Polzeath 7 years ago, made the move to Newquay only this year.

About 7,000 people partied at the 4-day Festival that located their main stage at Fistral beach where they were hosting stars such as Jake Bugg...

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Summer festivals attracting an older audience this year

Britain is ready to kick off its summer of music festivals, but this year the target audience of the festivals may be slightly different as the line-up includes everyone from Beyonce to The Rolling Stones to Tibetan monks. This year, it seems that the average festival attendee will be in their thirties and have some extra cash they can afford to burn.

This weekend features Blondie and Bon Jovi playing at the Isle of Wright festival, Iggy Pop playing at the London Meltdown organized by Yoko Ono, and Iron Maiden and Slipknot performing at the Download metal fest.

One keen observation is that all of these bands have a few years on them, and none of them are fresh new acts that are currently riding the top of the Billboard charts...

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George Michael in hospital after yet another road accident

George Michael the former lead singer of Wham! is in the hospital after being airlifted away from a motor accident with a head injury. The accident occurred close to St. Albans, Herfordshire by the 6A junction. A spokesman for Michael stated that he was in a motor accident this past Thursday but that he is fine and only had some superficial cuts. He was not driving and was a passenger in a Range Rover. It was a one car accident.

Connie Flippello, the spokesman, went on to say that there was no third party in the accident and Michael was in an accident but they have no other comment. Gary Sanderson, the ambulance spokesman, stated that they treated a man that was in his forties that had suffered a head injury...

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Former battlefield plays host to Tuscan music festival

Imagine a hush falling over a courtyard lit only by the moonlight. A rhythmic percussion made up of numerous cicadas washed over you before being replaced by the sweet pulsating of a dozens violins, and their melody winds up in the hot, Italian even as if they were clouds of scented incense. Where once gruff German voices barked their orders, and boots stamped a shuffled, tonight that is all a distant, and painful, memory as only the serenity of the music matters with its ever soothing balm.

Those Nazi officers of yesteryear who roared into the quad that sits at the heart of La Foce, the Tuscan edifice, will be turning in their graves to know that it now resonates with the sound of what they considered to be a degenerate art...

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Manchester music

Planning a cultural trip to Manchester? Well, no excursion and stay in a Manchester bed and breakfast would be complete without dipping into a little of the musical history from the 60s of this legendary city. Whilst some may argue that London or Liverpool may claim the title ‘Music City’, I’m afraid that I’d have to disagree. Keep reading for your ultimate insider guide to  the UK’s 6th largest city (statistically) and the birthplace of that Manchester sound.

Freddie & the Dreamers

Led by 5 ft 3 in. lead singer Freddie Garity, Freddie & the Dreamers reached fame in 1963 with their hit “If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody”...

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