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Several Irish acts to play at next weeks Eurosonic festival

Several artists and bands from Ireland will be appearing at the 2014 Eurosonic festival, which is being held in Groningen, Holland from January 15th-18th. The acts that are set to perform include Daniel James the alternative rock musician, Daithi an electric acoustic artist, pop-garage act Girl Band, Hudson Taylor the folk duo, indie outfit Kid Karate, L e Galaxie a synth pop group, rock n roll group The Strypes and Hozier, the singer-songwriter who was catapulted to international fame in 2013 thanks to the song Take Me to Church which was accompanied by a powerful and stunning video.

2013 proved to be a landmark tear for many of these indie Irish acts who are playing at the festival and this will be a vital showcase for those involve to highlight both their own talents and the wealth of t...

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The Feeling reveals its watch list for 2014

The Feeling, which describes itself as “the UK’s most rock’n’roll club night’ has now released a list of what it believes are the top new British bands, and by an amazing coincidence they are all playing at The Feelings London gig on the weekend of 18th January. In response to the new list from the BBC’s Sound Of, which contains only a smattering of guitars, This Feeling urge us to keep an eye on these bands and well as taking a trip to the Queen of Hoxton to check them out a week on Saturday.

The Bohicas are the latest signing to Domino Records and have supported label mates Franz Ferdinand at the Ibiza Rocks event as well as starring on the recent NME Radar tour...

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Unsigned rap duo fund trip to North Korea through crowdfunding

Unsigned rappers Peso and Pacman have raised more than $10,000 through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site to fund a stunt which they hope will finally land them that much wanted record deal. Pacman and Peso haven’t travelled much further that the poor Washington DC which they call home. Now, however, following their successful fundraising campaign online, the hip hop duo are to embark on a journey to shoot the video they home will give their career the boost they desperately want. The destination is rather unlikely though; North Korea.

After the pair raised $10,400 through their campaign on Kickstarter, they will fly first to China then onto Pyongyang. Here, they plan on filming songs including “God Bless Amerika” aboard a party bus...

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The sexism in music row rumbles on

Miley Cyrus’ antics have certainly brought up sexism within the music business aided even more by the mini feud and open letter that Sinead O’Connor posted to her. O’Connor warned Miley that the music industry does not care about her and instead will take complete advantage of her. Miley responded with a few harsh words on Twitter and then showed up in her next video virtually naked swinging from a wrecking bar. In that epic battle it was hard to tell who really won.

Charlotte Church, a former child star, weighed in on the issue later stating that the music business is still dominated by males and is very juvenile when it comes to gender. Church continued to knock the business for accepting this mentality and continuing to demean women as part of the pop culture of the music world...

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Liverpool Festival declared most successful music event in Europe

The Liverpool International Music festival was so successful this year that it has prompted the organizers to declare it the most successful musical event in Europe in the last 5 years. Many thousands of music lovers enjoyed quality music inside Pier Head and Sefton Park with weather remaining good all through the weekend. Claire McColgan, Director of Culture at Liverpool, was ecstatic while describing the event saying it was even grander than she could ever imagine. She added that it was a result of hectic planning of just 5 months after Matthew Street Festival was discarded in favor of this venue though it takes no less than a year to plan and execute an event of this size.

McColgan added that the event was a major success as thousands of music lovers sat inside the Sefton Park on Friday...

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Independent music stores see a resurgence of interest

There are currently around 300 independent record shops left in the UK and for decades people have thought of them as somewhat of a dying breed. Granted, there are hundreds less than there used to be, but those who stuck with it during the tough times seem to now getting their rewards. There has been a revival, albeit, in the world of independent music outlets, no doubt helped the the continuing rise in popularity of all things vinyl.

When compared to the same period in 2012, the sales of vinyl albums rose by 44% during the first 6 months of 2013. These figures are according to the analysis carried out by the Entertainment Retailers Association on the data of the Official Charts Company. This bucked the trend which saw album sales in other formats fall by 1.5% for the same time period...

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Icona Pop bring their own style to dance music

Icona Pop are approaching pop dance music with a bit of their own flare creating music that definitely has its own feel to it. It might take a pint or two, but after a while the beats will start to move just about anyone out on the dance floor.

The duo of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjeit are quite a duo from the moment that you lay eyes on their album cover as they are dressed in clothes straight out of the eighties with haircuts and facial expressions that leave for a lot of question marks. Their trademark song, I Love It, was actually released back in May of 2012 in Sweden but it took some time to actually cross over nationally.

Most radio stations started playing it carefully in the evening testing their audiences and soon found that people were requesting to hear it more...

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Thumpers release new Unkinder EP on the 3rd June

Rising from the ashes of Pull Tiger Pull like the proverbial phoenix, Thumpers favour an all the more refined sound with hypnotic synthpop beat. Childhood buddies John Hamson Jr and Marcus Pepperell were both former members of Pull Tiger Pull, the grunge meets nu rave jokesters and had the pseudonyms of Jack Navarone and Marcus Firefly. To be honest, nobody really knows if Hamson and Pepperell are their real surnames, but it really doesn’t matter as they demonstrate in Thumpers that they have grown up a tad.

Fans will be relieved to know, however, that they have not lost their sense of fun completely, it is more of a case that the outstanding Unkinder (A Tougher Love) which is a heady mix of big and boucing drum beats coupled with swooshing synths, is a more refined song that on every list...

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Caravan Palace from France

Caravan Palace the potentially first top selling artists to match swing with electro beats released a new single this past week titled ‘Clash’ as the first release from their second album with the Café de la Danse label that is tentatively scheduled to release in the UK this autumn. Caravan Palace will have to do some work to follow up their first self titled album that managed to sell more than 150,000 copies making them one of the top bands to come out of France three years ago, but if Crash is any indication they are about ready to make another big splash throughout Europe.

Throughout the UK electro-swing music has quietly been gaining strength among hipsters in underground clubs and is almost ready to burst out into the more well travelled clubs throughout Soho and more and Cara...

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The XX arrive

Before winning a Mercury Prize, The XX had little notoriety, and it appears they were well aware of this as they seemed as shocked as anyone to receive a prize. However, while they may have spent most of the awards staring at their shoes they really came alive once they took to the stage at the London Mercury Prize ceremony.

The three-piece indie band was favoured for the award when the nods first came out, but then it seemed that Paul Weller would certainly steal the award. However, Jools Holland called The XX to the stage to take their award and suddenly the quiet, shy trio were thrust into the spotlight  and forced to actually talk to the thousands of attendance.

Singer Romy Madley Croft stated that he was very surprised to hear they had won, and with good reason since they beat some ...

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