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New music streaming from Dr Dre set to launch in January

Dr Dre is set to launch a new music streaming service named “Beats Music” in January. The service will be competing with Spotify and will feature curated recommendations and high quality streams. Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails band leader, will be Beats Music’s chief creative officer for the product launched by the rapper who has invested heavily in headphones. Dre’s previous product Beats By Dre headphones were very successful and the rapper expects that things will not be so different with the next product.

The first announcement about the streaming service was by Dre himself when he said that it would go by the name Daisy, which would be a copycat of the MOG streaming service. However, he will launch it in 2014 with under the brand name of Beats Music...

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The real cost of listening to music in public places

Have you ever wondered how much money does it cost for public places to play music in their headquarters, subsidiaries, and affiliated buildings? If we also take into consideration the police and the local councils, the sum raises up to ₤100,000 in the past five years, money which you also contributed to.

The discoveries have been brought to prominence by the newspaper the Telegraph, under a Freedom of Information request, claiming that ever since 2008, the people of the UK have paid quite substantial amounts of money for the public buildings to be able to play music in their rest rooms, canteens, gyms, and in the case of the police, their custody blocks.

The Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) is in charge of selling music licenses to the police forces and can charge as little as 19p for...

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Lady Gaga downplays new ARTPOP app

It is the most highly anticipated music app for years, and has been hyped up to be the ultimate multimedia experience. Now, however, Lady Gaga seems to have gone back on her word somewhat, and has described her ARTPOP app as “an interactive jewel case” rather than the “musical and visual engineering system” she first promised us. ARTPOP was hailed as the natural, ans big budget, successor to Bjork’s Biophilia, but it now looks as if it will fall well short of the mark.

The chimeric montage of app and music which explored multiple themes using symbiotic technologies seems set to now remain as a figment of her fans imaginations. When she first announced the inception of ARTPOP, Gaga said that it wasn’t just and album, it was a project...

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Coolio sells music rights to fund new profession

Coolio is selling the rights to all his music catalogue, which includes Gangsta’s Paradise, in his attempt to raise funds for his newfound career as a chef. On August 28, 2013, 123 songs will be auctioned off at the Royalty Exchange, with an expected estimated sale of between £85,500 or $134,000, and £143,500 or $225,000.

Coolio’s music catalogue include 8 albums spanning more than 18 years, and although the rapper has not been in the US or UK billboard charts for more than a decade, his smash singles such as C U When U Get There and 1,2,3,4 Sumpin New generate more than £15,000 in a year’s royalties.

According to the CEO of the Royalty Exchange, Sean Peace, Coolio is considered as an ‘iconic artist’ and the auction is an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for an inv...

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Sid Bernstein passes away aged 95

Sid Bernstein, the iconic music promoter who was the mastermind of the Beatles’ legendary Shea Stadium, New York concert, and was also responsible for booking countless top acts of the industry, has passed away at age 95.

Bernstein, a charismatic figure who has worked with industry big wigs such as Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, has been reported to have died in his sleep at the Lenox Hill Hospital last Wednesday in New York City, according to his daughter. Casey Deutsch, Bernstein’s daughter, said that there was no specific illness associated to her father’s death and he died of natural causes.

For many decades, the floppy-haired, squat Bernstein excelled at knowing everyone from everywhere that matters...

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Independent music stores see a resurgence of interest

There are currently around 300 independent record shops left in the UK and for decades people have thought of them as somewhat of a dying breed. Granted, there are hundreds less than there used to be, but those who stuck with it during the tough times seem to now getting their rewards. There has been a revival, albeit, in the world of independent music outlets, no doubt helped the the continuing rise in popularity of all things vinyl.

When compared to the same period in 2012, the sales of vinyl albums rose by 44% during the first 6 months of 2013. These figures are according to the analysis carried out by the Entertainment Retailers Association on the data of the Official Charts Company. This bucked the trend which saw album sales in other formats fall by 1.5% for the same time period...

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Watch out next time you sing Happy Birthday

Next time you joyously break out in Happy Birthday to celebrate the day of joy with a loved one you might want to look around to see if anyone is filming the moment because it may end up being a more cost worthy event then you planned.

Even though Happy Birthday is one of the most performed songs in the world and people of all nationalities know the words, the song is actually copyrighted and the performance of it could mean a copyright fine of £100,000 if it is used on television or film without proper consent.

The good news is now someone is finally stepping forward to challenge the intellectual rights of Happy Birthday for everyone else. One film maker has stepped forward and has filed a lawsuit asking that the song be publicly free to perform...

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