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New blog reveals the art of restoring fine stringed instruments

A renowned restorer of fine old stringed musical instruments from London has produced a new blog which gives a detailed, and rare, insight into the art of restoring stringed instruments. Bridgewood & Neitzert are London restorers, repairers and dealers and are now offering lovers of fine old violins, cellos and other stringed instruments a rare chance to see the art involved through their brand new blog at .

You can follow them at work courtesy of notes and top quality photos and be taken through the entire repair and restoration process. You will see them working on such old and rare stringed instruments as an 1811 Thomas Kennedy cello.

Gary Bridgewood of Bridgewood & Neitzert and his team work on some of the world’s rarest fine stringed instruments...

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BBC 6 Music has an overhaul of its weekend schedule

Huey Morgan is taking over the reins of the 10.00 to 13.00 Saturday morning show at the BBC’s 6 Music station in a revamp of the weekend schedule. Edith Bowman will no longer be on the air on Saturday as she makes way for the former Fun Loving Criminal to move from his Sunday afternoon slot.

The BBC has stated that Edith will continue her work on the stations special programmes, which are planned for 2014. Cerys Matthews will have her show extended by an hour on Sunday mornings, taking her show to a three hour slot.

Former Catatonia vocalist and winner of the Sony Radio Academy Award for music broadcaster of 2013, welcomed the news and stated that it would allow listeners to have a perfect soundtrack for Sunday lunch.

Other changes sees Finest Hour, with Guy Garvey from Elbow, move from ...

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Inflatable concert hall proving a hit in its native Japan

Blowing up like a balloon and resembling an enormous eggplant but with room enough for classical music concerts complete with a 500 strong audience is the new arts venue in where else but Japan.

Ark Nova is a mobile, inflatable concert hall which was launched in Japan last month. It is being put to good use in the Tsunami hit north west of Japan, housing the two week long Lucerne Festival at picturesque Matsishima Bay.

The executive and artistic director of the Swiss festival, Michael Haefliger had the idea of an inflatable and mobile concert hall following the devastating natural disaster in Japan in 2011. The aim was to restore “spirit” and “hope” to those people rebuilding shattered lives following the disaster.

Matsushima managed to be spared from too much damage caused by the ...

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Music while driving linked with dangerous decision making

According to researchers, teenage drivers who hear very loud music such as rock and rap are at an increase risk of crashing their vehicles. These teenagers make more errors of judgment and miscalculate distance while listening to their favorite music. Among these music lovers, men are more likely to cause an accident because of their errors and mistakes than women.

The study conducted by these researchers involved 85 teenage drivers and asked them to drive vehicles on 6 different routes that required 40 minute driving. On 2 of these routes, drivers could listen to music of their own choice while on another 2 trips; they were made to hear soft background music that was designed to improve safety. They did not listen to any music on the remaining two trips...

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BBC Proms to combine classics and urban for the first time

For the very first time, the BBC Proms, presented by the BBC orchestra, plans to mix together urban music and classical music at a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. As part of the Urban Classic Prom the BBC orchestra will play alongside rappers Maverick Sabre, Wretch 32, and other urban artists.

Laura Mvula, a soul singer, stated that the entire thing is very unreal to her and it is a great honour to be asked to perform alongside the orchestra. Those that cannot make it out to attend the event will still get the chance to listen as it will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, and Radio 3. The Proms performance will mix a variety of styles including R&B, soul, and rap...

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