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The Feeling reveals its watch list for 2014

The Feeling, which describes itself as “the UK’s most rock’n’roll club night’ has now released a list of what it believes are the top new British bands, and by an amazing coincidence they are all playing at The Feelings London gig on the weekend of 18th January. In response to the new list from the BBC’s Sound Of, which contains only a smattering of guitars, This Feeling urge us to keep an eye on these bands and well as taking a trip to the Queen of Hoxton to check them out a week on Saturday.

The Bohicas are the latest signing to Domino Records and have supported label mates Franz Ferdinand at the Ibiza Rocks event as well as starring on the recent NME Radar tour...

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Beatles classics butchered in the US

It was George Bernard Shaw who first asserted that America and Britain were 2 countries “separated by a common language” and it seems he has been proved correct judging by the new boxed set of The US Albums by The Beatles. Released to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the first visit the fab four made to America, these albums are now available for the first time in the UK, and are quite an eye-opener as to the massive differences in which each country regarded these music phenomenons.

Back in the 60’s America was pretty slow on the uptake as far the Beatles were concerned and the stateside partner of their EMI record label, Capitol, passed up the opportunity to release the early singles which then appeared on the independent Vee-Jay label...

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Justin Bieber’s retirement is dismissed as a joke by his team

Rumours have been rife recently regarding the imminent retirement of teen idol Justin Bieber, and it seems that that’s all they have been. There were many who thought Christmas had come early when the news filtered through in mid December but alas it was not to be. It turns out that young Justin took us all for December fools as it was the teeny bopper himself who made announcement during an interview on a US radio show.

Kurt Alexander, a host at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles was told by Bieber that he was actually retiring and was taking time out before saying that he was probably going to quit music as he was also quitting everything else...

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Band open their own record store

When Frankie and the Heartstrings, a British indie band from the north east, released there anticipated second album last summer they were alarmed at how few record shops there were to sell it in, so decided to open their own. Frankie Francis, the lead singer, said that when they were nearing the completion of the album the big news story was that of HMV going bust, and they also knew of a few local stores which had suffered the same fate.

Frankie went onto say that they were worried that they had their all important second album due for release but that there may not have been anywhere on the High Street to actually sell it. It was this that led them to make the decision to open their own store...

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Record labels urged to embrace the digital age

Over the past two decades, the music industry has seen not so much as steady decline but more of a plummet in CD sales, the competition from online piracy and a whole new way of listening to your favourite music thanks to the internet. Now it is also being polarised thanks to the influx of music streaming services.

Websites such as Deezer and Spotify offer vast catalogues which listeners can stream free of charge, albeit interspersed with advertising which you can get rid of if you pay around £10 a month. These sites have also brought much criticism however, not least from the artists over the amount of royalties they receive for their music being on these kind of service.

Thom York, the lead singer of Radiohead, went as far as removing all his solo tracks from Spotify last October saying...

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James Arthur finally sees sense and leaves Twitter

He has the world at his feet by becoming the X Factor champion and carving out a very nice career for himself. But not has not been well in the James Arthur camp, and he is becoming better known for his tweets than his music. He has issued an apology and announced that he will no longer be personally tweeting and his management company will be doing it from now on.

James’ tweets have become infamous and led to quite a few feuds with his peers, including members of One Direction. Now it seems his latest antics have way over stepped the mark and have seen him lambasted from all sides. The row is all over a rap song which was his response to a diss track written about him by rapper Micky Worthless...

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The sexism in music row rumbles on

Miley Cyrus’ antics have certainly brought up sexism within the music business aided even more by the mini feud and open letter that Sinead O’Connor posted to her. O’Connor warned Miley that the music industry does not care about her and instead will take complete advantage of her. Miley responded with a few harsh words on Twitter and then showed up in her next video virtually naked swinging from a wrecking bar. In that epic battle it was hard to tell who really won.

Charlotte Church, a former child star, weighed in on the issue later stating that the music business is still dominated by males and is very juvenile when it comes to gender. Church continued to knock the business for accepting this mentality and continuing to demean women as part of the pop culture of the music world...

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Record store for sale on eBay

Have an eBay account and a spare £300,000 lying around? Then you could log onto the famous auction site and bag yourself a record store. The owner has said he has taking this unorthodox route as he wants to hand over his business to someone who is as passionate about music as he is. On the Beat Records is a store in Central London which specialises in classic vinyl records for collectors.

The shop first opened 34 years ago and is situated on Hanway Street beside Tottenham Court Road. It is listed on eBay at a price of £300,000 in the hope it will be snapped up by a music lover or collector who wants to take their passion to the next level. Tim Derbyshire opened the store in 1979 and has a vast stock of records in every genre except classical...

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The many careers open to those who study music at uni

Some university study choices lead to pretty obvious career paths. For instance, if you study medicine it is pretty likely that you will end up a doctor, but music students have a very different path in front of them. It is hard to see ahead of time what a music student will end up doing, but in many cases the end result can actually be very fulfilling. The idea that options are few and jobs are slim for music majors needs to change a lot.

Most people think that music students are confined to just a few jobs within the world of music when in reality there are actually many different jobs in many different industries that are open to those that graduate with a music degree...

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The Who set to stop touring in 2015

Rock legends The Who have announced they will stop touring in 2015, to tie in with their 50th anniversary. Pete Townshend, the band’s guitarist, revealed the news when he spoke to the Evening Standard during a screening for their ‘Sensation’ documentary. He revealed that the band would do one last tour before they called it a day, and that they intended visiting parts of the world they have rarely, or never, played in before.

Townshend said that it was their intent to tour the world for their 50th anniversary, and it would be their last big one. He added that there was still loads of places where The Who hadn’t played and it would be good to travel to eastern Europe and other places who have never heard them live to play all their old hits.

This announcement follows much speculation that t...

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